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Kamis, 16 November 2017 10:46

e-Samsat Application, Enhance Vehicle Tax Payers Convenience

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Today, Gorontalo innovation presents e-Samsat application to enhance public service in Gorontalo province, thus tax payer could more easier directly pay their vehicle tax.

“By this application, all tax payers no need to queue and bring their cash ob hand to Samsat Office (One-Stop Administration Services Office), payment service using ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) that is easier way to pay tax or paying by online service, ” said Vice Governor H. Idris Rahim in Dulohupa Room, Governor’ s Office, thursday (9/11).

Idris told, e-Samsat is an implementation from non-cash transaction and this is such a kind follow-up from recommendation of KPK (Corruption Eradication Commitment) to prevent corruption in Gorontalo Province. He also added, by this application (e-Samsat) each tax payers will gain information about the amount should be paid.

“Based on supervision and corruption eradication, KPK recommended Provincial Administration to apply this payment system for vehicle tax payer in the end of this month,” Vice Governor affirmed.

“Soft launching of e-Samsat is purposed to know more about vehicle tax payment electronic application. From this event we expect that we will get more advices from related clients to accomplish the system next time.”

“Today, we just did soft launching and we do hope to gain more input for e-Samsat will be launched and officially can be used by public at 17 th Provincial Anniversary Day,” Vice Governor closed.(Hmsprov-Haris).

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